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j ellis photography

j ellis photography

Photo by Mary Jane Rouse                                          

Designing for Valley Arts Council Fundraiser @ Bella Cardella Forbes Country Estate

Tamara Ellen M.Ed.

Floral Designer ~ Flower Farmer ~ Forager

I love flowers, plants and nature of all kind. Working in the garden, digging in the dirt, walking in the woods collecting branches, moss, and lichen is restorative. It is a delight designing with all the beautiful things I have the privilage to grow and to forage.

Whether it simplistic or artistically elevated my tendacy is to reflect the natural element in texture, movement and composition. My true passion is taking this love and bringing happiness to others; helping their vision become a reality. 

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My Core Values


Being chosen to be a part of creating the event you envision is a true honor and a responsibility I engage with fervor and excitement. First and foremost honesty, integrity, and quality are essential to the continued success of my creative design business. I am committed to:


*Individualized Service. Each person is unique and so is the vision and needs for their special day.  I take pride in the personalized attention I give to each arrangement. I strive to bring your floral visions a reality with high-quality flowers and superior creative design.


*Communication.  Transparent, honest, and respectful communication is important to me.  Your concerns, thoughts, and ideas are important to me.  I aim for prompt responses from the beginning of our proposal all the way through to your special day.


*It's the little things.  Because your floral experience is being designed uniquely for YOU, I listen and hear the little things. Details really do matter.


Quality, Nature, and Environment.  Not only is nature the inspiration behind my designs but is also the basis of the philosophy of the way I run my business.  The floral industry as a whole is not easy on the environment.  Growing my own flowers using sustainable methods and foraging plant materials allows me to cut the carbon footprint that commercially grown flowers do not. It gives me the opportunity to invite the client to make choices about what they want to have grown just for their event given we are collaborating far enough in advance.  I  can share pictures from the day their seedlings first sprout to the day the flower is cut. I am committed to fresh, high-quality flowers.

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