New Year, New Garden Journey, New Garden Journaled...

Updated: Jan 31

I, like many, welcomed the arrival of the new year with open arms, with the hope that 2021 would be a fresh new start. The flip of the calendar page didn't exactly bring that to fruition. The Garden however never ceases to bring renewal. Under the blanket of fallen leaves, the slumbering garden is filled with trees and perennials whose roots continue to grow and thrive. The winter's nap allowing the plants to build strength for the year ahead. I'm thinking this is a very effective system nature has put in place. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to follow suit in my own preparation for the season ahead. With that, I'm choosing to use the down time that Covid has forced upon my studio to let my roots grow and thrive.

Sycamore against the afternoon sky

Earlier this year, I had the privilege to assist in teachin