Summer Magic, Now is the Time

It's July, the fireflies light up the night sky and each morning I can't wait to see what the garden offers. I love traipsing in the dew kissed grass to see what new blossoms have emerged.

#tamarasdesign #floralcuff #blueflowers #grapevine tendril
Details of floral cuff~Larkspur, Blue Daisy, Sea Lavender, Lavender, Bachelor button, Grapevine tendrils

Yesterday's visit provided an abundance of delphinium , larkspur,

sea lavender, blue daisy, bachelor buttons, and lavender. It also gave the solace to help me clear my mind and think about why I do what I do....grow, forage and design. Further, what shape I want my life to take and with that in mind, how can I connect and share my passion?

#tamarasdesign #floralcuff #blueflowers #grapevinetendril
Side view of Floral cuff~Bachelor button, Silver-edged Thyme, Larkspur, Grapevine Tendrils

A very wise friend advised with a succinct proclamation just this very day, "Now is the time." So true. So here I am, writing my first blog post as I delve further into my floral design artistry business. Those wonderful flowers that greeted my wet feet yesterday, I had cut and conditioned so that I could create with them today. Because now is the time. I made a summer floral cuff from my garden's bounty...from seeds I've sown just this spring and plants I have nurtured for many years just to stretch my creative muscles; my mentor and friend Franciose says I must do every day.

#tamarasdesign #floralcuff #blueflowers #grapevinetendril
Detail of floral cuff

It is time to move forward with purpose and intent, making time to do those things that help me grow as a designer and person.

I wonder what will greet me in tomorrow's garden?

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