When Your World Turns Upside Down... Consider the Hellebore

Well, this certainly isn't the Spring I envisioned or planned. Enter COVID-19. One by one all of my events and weddings from March through June canceled. Each call, text, email send a sinking feeling in my stomach. What about all the plants grown and flower seeded and started, now in inventory with no promise of recouping expenses. What to do? What could I possibly do? I like so many, could feel the anxiety building regarding my business and the future.

Amethyst Hellebore natural downward habit

As I always do, I sought refuge in the garden to think and consider how I would weather the uncertainty ahead. I have been a gardener for as long as I can remember and have been enamored with flowers, plants, and trees for just as long. The March Studio gardens are quite lovely; teaming with dozens of varieties of daffodils, Siberian squill, hyacinths, cherry and plum trees in bloom, rhododendron, quince and the hellebores! Audrey Hepburn's quote “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” came to mind. And certainly, we all need to believe in tomorrow. I also started to consider the hellebore. The hellebore is a beautiful flower whose natural habit is to nod downward...so one might say the best way to see it's beauty is from a world upside down.

Hellebore 'Amethyst' (upside down view)

So I have decided the answer for me and my small studio business is to work from a new perspective believing in tomorrow.

It means I will focus optimistically and proactively on aspects of the gardens and studio for the future. The first project is complete, a new worktable to accommodate private workshops in the Studio. This was something I have wanted and really needed for several years. A small thing it may seem, however, I haven't been unable to find anything that was in my budget or that met my needs. I would become discouraged and give up, hence I have had a six-foot folding table as my worktable elevated on blocks for years. The simple shift in the mindset of finding ways to stay positive and continue to move forward in a halted state of life's affairs, allowed me to realize if I couldn't find what I wanted, I could create what I wanted. And so in just a week's time, I have an ample work surface for designing and hosting workshops, complete with great storage and I am feeling a sense of accomplishment and ready to move on to the next challenge.

Now for the long game...to believe in tomorrow. I've got that in spades. My new garden, the garden on the river. I'll share that little slice of hope and heaven next post. t.

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