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Arts & Flowers@ Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Tamara Ellen Gibson M.Ed.

Floral Designer ~ Flower Farmer ~ Forager

I love flowers, plants, and nature of all kinds. Working in the garden, digging in the dirt, and walking in the woods collecting branches, moss, and lichen is restorative. Designing with all the beautiful things I have the privilege to grow and forage is a delight.

Whether it is simplistic or artistically elevated, I tend to reflect the natural element in texture, movement, and composition. My true passion is taking this love and bringing happiness to others; helping their vision become a reality. 

Quality, Nature, and Environment.  Not only is nature the inspiration behind my designs but is also the basis of the philosophy of the way I run my business.  The floral industry as a whole is not easy on the environment.  Growing my flowers using sustainable methods and foraging plant materials allows me to cut the carbon footprint that commercially grown flowers do not. It allows me to invite the client to make choices about what they want to have grown just for their event given we are collaborating far enough in advance.  I  can share pictures from the day their seedlings first sprout to the day the flower is cut. I am committed to fresh, high-quality flowers.

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Tel: 540-820-4853



8709 Water Street

Port Republic, VA 24471

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